Watermelon Sugar High, Watermelon Sugar High, Watermelon Sugar High (Can anyone else not get this song out of their head??)
🍉Everytime we look at our Peperomia argyreia (or known as the watermelon peperomia), this trendy song goes through our head.
🍉This girl is native to Brazil and is a tropical and sub-tropical species, so she enjoys an environment that can mimic her native tropic environment. She isn’t the easiest plant to get your hands on nowadays since her fast rise to fame this season and has become the most popular peperomia as of lately. We cannot blame anyone for loving this fun crazy foliage patterned girl, we fell completely head over heels. The pattern on the tear shaped foliage reminds us of our childhood favorite summer snack and to top it off, her stems are red.
Let us tell you why she is a HOT commodity and why we believe you need her in that plant collection asap
🍉WATER: She is semi-succulent, meaning she holds onto water more than normal houseplants. This is good if you are consistent with your watering schedule, BUT if you over water her… sometimes she is not forgiving. That being said, we under-water her and found that she loves to be watered once every two ish weeks. To make her your new best friend, she loves humidity. Misting her every so often during the week or placing her by your diffuser will be just enough to help her stay perky and happy in your home.
🍉SUN: Instead of full sun or super bright light (which succulents love) this gal is completely content with bright indirect or diffused light. Full sun is too bright or intense light can burn this girl’s gorgeous leaves or create brown spots on the back of the foliage. So we recommend a Eastern facing window for her if you have one.
🍉TEMPERATURE: She’s from the tropics & HATES being cold. So in the winter time, make sure she is not by a window sill since the cold will shock her and brown tips will start to occur.
🍉Is she a plant gal that you now absolutely NEED in your plant collection?? We have some watermelon gals on our website ready to become your new best friend. Go on our website and see if any plant + pot combos are speaking to your summer sweet tooth.