Let’s talk about Miss Mini Monstera. Even though her common name is “mini monstera” she is technically named Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma! She’s not a monstera whatsoever. However, she has many similar characteristics which is why she may have gotten her nickname.
She has quickly taken over the houseplant game and is loved by new plant owners and seasoned collectors alike. What makes her the hottest plant on the block??
The “mini monstera” has small heart shaped leaves with “larger” fenestrations. Many believe that she’s more manageable than her popular sis the monstera deliciosa because she’s more compact, tends to grow upward instead of out, and is way smaller in size. Plus, many prefer the shape of her foliage which is truly unique & special. Other than her beauty, she’s a relatively easy green gal to take care of. Miss mini monstera loves bright indirect light and we suggest placing her in an east facing window for the best sunlight. She prefers to have moist soil, being from the tropics and all. When the top two inches of her soil is dry, she would definitely prefer a drink to keep her happy. We usually make a hole with our pointer finger to assess her soil dryness. She is definitely a grower and grows pretty quickly in the spring and summer so fertilizer is a must. Once she starts growing, she is definitely going to need something to climb. To keep her reaching for the stars, we suggest a trellis or moss pole so that her aerial roots can grab onto something.
Although she isn’t as fincky as a monstera deliciosa when it comes to exactly mimicking a tropical environment, Miss Mini Monstera will love you a little more if she lives in a warmer environment and wants her temperature between 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit which is what most of us consider room temperature. She also would be super pumped if you add some humidity to her environment. She can live in normal humidity conditions, but she would appreciate some regular misting or a humidifier near her to keep her growing! She’s easy to grow, not fussy, beautiful, and a quick grower.