We are head over heels in LOVE with the newest shop member, our philodendron micans.

YES, even we have wishlist plants and she has been on the top for a LONG time. When this gorgeous specimen was mentioned and up for grabs, it wasn’t even a second thought. It was love at first sight and she tugged at our heart strings immediately. Not only is she a easy going plant, her velvet leaves are what dreams are made of. This plant is known for its foliage which has a green purple finish with an iridescent simmer as if it didn’t still our heart already.

This particular plant is climbing up a totem which is why she has a larger more wide leaf, whereas most micans you see commonly are trailing with a smaller heart shaped leaf. The cool thing is that you can train philodendrons to climb or trail depending on which look you personally like best. She has been a higher to find and popular gal this plant season which makes us extra grateful that she came to live here at Oglewood. Cupid definitely gave us the love big this valentines day and we can’t get enough to looking at her at the store.

We usually name our shop plants but can’t find one that we love just yet! We would love your help in naming our philodendron micans and finding out what your grand wishlist plant is?!