We’re Pretty Particular….

And you’re plants will be better for it!

We create individual plant education and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Browse Our Indoor Jungle

Our plant selection rotates weekly with a wide variety of houseplants. This ensures that there is a plant in store to match your needs and experience level. Talk to our plant specialists in store to find the exact plant that fits your space.

Select a Ceramic

Our signature one-of-a-kind, unique, and various planters make styling your new plant easy and effortless. Choose from our exclusive and hand-picked ceramist to make your ideal home aesthetic.

Let’s Get Dirty

Our team of plant specialists will repot your houseplant using our custom blend of soil. We will match the soil type that best fits your new green friend so your hands stay clean while we play in the dirt!

Your Plants Forever Home

Take your new plant home and watch her grow with you! We are always here for plant tips and tricks to help you thrive and succeed in plant parenthood.