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What We Do Best

The Plant to Pot Promise

Here's How This Work

Pick Your Dream Plant Baby

Use the descriptions of the plant, the size of the plant, and the right sunlight of your home to find the perfect plant baby just right for your space.

Look At The Planter Provided

Our signature one of a kind, unique, and various planters make stlying your plant baby in your home easy and effortless. Choose from our individual and exclusive potters hand picked to match your ideal plant.  

Your Plants Forever Home

Take your new plant baby home and watch her grow with you. We are always here for plant tips and tricks to help you thrive and succeed in plant parenthood. 

Shop Plants

Shop Indoor Tropical Plants

Cacti or succulents not up your alley? Does the green foliage of tropical babies call your name silently at night waiting for you to give them a home? Yep, this is the right collection from you. To colorful prayer plants to larger than life fiddle leaf figs, we can agree on one thing. The tropical collection is diverse with a wide variety of plant babies sure to be a statement piece of your home.

Shop Tropical Here

Shop the Cactus Collective

If indoor tropical plants aren't for you, we know that the cactus collective is calling your name. This wild and weird selection of cactus is sure to grab your attention while not grabbing any of your time since all they need is some bright sunshine and a window to call their own. If you are search for some low maintenance babies who require little to nothing but monthly watering, then these prickly plants are for you.

Shop the Cactus Collective Here

Shop Sun Drenched Succulents

These plant babies are truly the best gift that keeps on giving because they reproduce like crazy. One day you have a small succulent baby and three months later, this sun drenched plant could be doubled in size. A low maintenance beauty who only wants to soak up some rays in a high sunlight spot in your home.

Shop Sun Drenched Succulents Here

Shop Larger Than Life Statement Plants

Want a statement piece for your home that can be added to a larger space? From larger 6-7 foot fiddle leaf fig trees to monsteras with leaves larger than both of your hands, these plants are large and flashy.

Shop Statement Plants Here

Private Plant Searching?

Tell us about which plant or home decor item you've been dreaming of and we will be happy to make that request come to life. Private shopping is an additional service we provide to clients who are on the look out for something special

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