What better way to celebrate this sunny weather then debuting a new arrival at Oglewood! Let us introduce you to our massive Ric Rac cactus we named Ziggy.

This statement plant is popular for his flat bone succulent stems that resemble literal zig zags. This crazy guy originates in Mexico and is an epiphytic specimen where it grows on top of tree branches in the rainforest. He’s a unusual guy because Ziggy prefers way more moisture than other cacti and prefer tropical humid conditions. The BEST thing about this Ric Rac is that he is easy to care for and relatively low maintenance. On top of all that goodness, Ziggy throws out ariel roots left and right making him the ideal plant to propogate to share with friends or keep more for yourself. Let’s see if Ziggy might be calling your name 😍

🌞: Ric Racs love bright indirect light. His zig zag foliage evolved in response to a lack of sunlight in their more tropical conditions than their desert-dwelling cacti cousins. The flattened stems allow them to catch the light more effectively which is why they can handle lower light conditions.

💧: Since Ric Racs originate in moist, humid rainforests, he needs quite a bit more water than your average desert cacti. He doesn’t like for his soil to dry out and loves moist conditions. To keep him happy, mist him occasionally to add humidity or place a humidifier near him. Even though Ziggy is pretty hardy, jungle cacti don’t like their soil bone dry for too long.

🌵: Ric Racs are ideal for propagations since their ariel roots are all over the stems. The key to propagating cacti is after you snip a portion off, you have to let the newly cut section callous over before putting in water or directly in soil.

Ziggy is the ONLY Ric Rac we have in the storefront (his twin got adopted this morning so fast!) He is chilling in a bright indirect window sill living his best life underneath a humidifier. If someone doesn’t adopt him soon, he is coming home with us asap!
Do you guys have any unique or odd ball cacti in your collection right now? We’d love to know which cacti you guys love or if you have a Ric rac in your collection?!🌵