Man, the rare and crazy beauties keep coming in & we are not mad about it. Introducing to you guys one of the most exclusive philos we’ve had the opportunity to get our hands on, the philodendron billietae. This babe has been on the top of our wishlist and we can’t wait for this philodendron to have the spotlight today. From her bright radiant orange stems to her elongated and exaggerated foliage, we can see why this plant is harder to get your hands on these days. This gals leaves can reach as long as three feet long when it starts to climb upward and vine. (WHOA) An interesting fun fact about the billietae is that this philodendron is considered an hemi-epiphyte meaning that it can grow attached to trees in the rainforest or can stand alone growing as a normal philodendron would. Even though this plant is one of its kind, caring for them is relatively simple making it even more of a dream specimen to have in your collection.

Sun: It’s important that this rare beauty gets some good sunlight to keep her as happy as can be. She loves bright indirect sunlight. If you expose the billietae to direct sunlight, foliage damage can occur because the intense sun can burn and scorch the leaves. She prefers some eastern or even northern light to keep her happy.

Water: This philodendron is native to a tropical environments. She originates from locations like Brazil, Coast Rica, and the French Guyana. She prefers her soil to be moist, but not drenched.

Humidity: Miss billietae needs some high humidity levels to thrive. Since it is native to rainforest, having moisture in the air is a must. In order to get the humidity levels she needs, you might have to artificially create it. Try using a humidifier, misting her daily, or adding a pebble tray to mimic her native conditions.

We adore this plant and we don’t play favorites… but if we did…. Our philodendron billietaes might be on the top of the list. (Don’t tell our other favorites) We currently have two 14 inch billies that are hanging out. Their names are Billie and Eilish. They aren’t up for adopt yet but stay tuned. 👀

Do you guys have any wish list philodendrons? Are you a philo person or could you care less?!