Happy March you guys!!

Y’all want a super unique and crazy cool plant to add to your collection? We got the next addition to your plant family right here. Introducing the Fatsia Japonica or commonly known as Paper Plant. This white and green variegated beauty can make a bold statement in your space with little effort. She can get really tall and with ideal conditions, grow to be up to 15 feet tall in nature and up to six feet in your home. She is native to Japan and Korea sub-tropical climates. This plant loves these rainforest like conditions but cannot tolerate direct or intense sunlight. She prefers some shade and would be amazing in an eastern or sometimes northern exposure area. She loves moist soil and high humidity levels. This Fatsia gal is popular because of how hardy she is, how tolerant she is to medium light conditions and also how fairly easy she is to care for! The entire team took one home for ourselves if that hints at how hype we were for these beauties to arrive. Think you want to join the Oglewood crew and add her as your next plant babe? We can watch all of ours grow together! Here is her care guide below 👇

☀️ They prefer bright indirect light. As indoor plants this genus enjoys ample amounts of indirect light, but make sure that it is not too intense as this can cause browning or spots on her delicate hand like foliage.

💧Drench the soil completely when watering and allow the soil to partially dry out between waterings periods. Monitor the watering on this indoor plant as it does not like wet soil. The leaves will let you know it’s overwatered through yellowing, dropping leaves. She will also droop if you under water her as well, being the perfect communicative plant letting you know what she needs to be happy in your space.

🔥 Fatsias like temperatures between 60-80℉ during the summer growing season, but needs a period of cooler temperatures (45-55℉) during its dormancy period in the winter.

🚿 Provide higher humidity levels for her as she is native to more sub-tropicals environments.

This plant is one we have been OBSESSED with for the last two weeks and we are excited that she is now now available for adoption!