We are talking about one of the most finicky plant babes on the market right now, Fiddle Leaf Figs. Her nickname is “finicky” fiddle but with our care guide, hopefully she will thrive in your home. From her large robust foliage, attractive truck, and larger than life size, she is easy to fall head over heels for. However, even the most beautiful plants come with their share of bumps in the road. Miss Lyrata is a plant that knows exactly what she wants and will throw a fit until her ideal conditions are met. Even though she is demanding, she is worth the time and effort.

Sun bathing is a full time hobby. She enjoys lots of bright filtered light throughout the day and wants to be placed right in the window to soak up all of the sunshine. Eastern light is her favorite. Southern or western light could also be an amazing option, but make sure she is not too close to the window as her delicate foliage could burn.  Rotating her slightly is also a great idea so that her new growth is even on all sides.

When your fiddle fig is loving her lighting conditions, do not move her. When she is happy moving this temperamental babe could result in a temper tantrum that is hard to bounce back from. Moving her can result in her drooping, losing leaves constantly, and very stressed by the sudden changes.
Fiddles loves thorough waterings, but do not like to sit in water for too long. One visual way to know when to water your plant babe is to look at the leaf direction of your tree. When the top leaves are pointed downward, usually this is a key indication to water her. We have found that she prefers bottom waterings to make sure the entire root system is throughly moist.

She is not a fan of cooler home temperatures and cold drafts. Fiddles prefer warm humid climates that are native to their rainforest environments. She wants tons of humidity. Adding a humidifier and regular misitngs could be a game changer to your Fiddles overall happiness. Her attractive collect dust if not cleaned regularly with a damp cloth and water once a month.

We don’t back down from a challenge easily and now raising this stunning statement plant can be a walk in the park with these tips.