Today, a customer mentioned to us that she recieved a Pony-tail palm as a wedding gift 20 years ago and that it was still hanging out and as large as ever. After getting us all sentimental over such a precious gift, we thought “Hey, you know what? Our pony tail palms deserve a post!”A fun fact about this gal is she is not a palm or a tree like the name or look suggest. She’s is actually a succulent. (CRAZY) She is known for her bulb like trunk and long hair like foliage that resembles a ponytail. She is drought tolerant, slow growing, and requires little maintenance to keep her happy. To top it off, she is pet friendly and non toxic. She is native to eastern Mexico and has been found to grow up to 15 feet tall and 350 years old. ( DOUBLE CRAZY?!) After this care guide, it will be a no brainer to add this fun gal to your collection.

🌞: The ponytail gal technically needs bright light and can even tolerant full sun. Throwing her on your patio or porch this spring and summer won’t hurt her AND she also is super forgiving if you have some lower light conditions. She can tolerant lower light for half of the year but should be kept by windows to provide some bright indirect light. This palm also needs bright sunlight for the other half if you don’t have an extremely sunny space.

💧: She is a succulent who doesn’t like being over-watered. She loves for her soil to dry out completely in between waterings and loves to be kept in semi-dry conditions. She stores water at the base of her trunk in her bulb and is very drought tolerant.

✂️: The ponytail palms hair is sensitive and browning at the ends can develop easily. Because of this, you may need to trim her hair regularly if you want to keep her appearance in tip top shape. To minimize browning edges, keep her on a consistent watering schedule. Over or under watering can result in those pesky brown edges.

This plant babe is not too high maintenance! Drought tolerant, non toxic, adaptable, and easy to care for. We have 6 ,10, and a 14 inch ponytail palm gal waiting for you to take her home. Since a gifted pony tail palm sparked this guide, we want to know What is the best plant gift you’ve ever received & why?!