Meet the QUEEN of the indoor jungle, The Bird of Paradise(Strelitzia Nicolai).

She’s has quickly become one of our favorite indoor gems of the season. She is a large upright plant with remarkable vivid green foliage to match her regal personality & is relatively low maintenance in the correct conditions.

🌞: She LOVES bright indirect sunlight, She prefers four to six hours of indirect sun a day to keep her happy. The more sun, the better for this tropical queens. Be ready to place her in a space where she can grow. Every new leaf that unfurls is usually larger and more prominent than the next.

💧: She needs a fair amount of water in the growing season and gets thirsty quite a bit in the right conditions. This is because if she is getting adequate amounts of bright indirect light, she is going to drink water pretty quickly. During the growing season (Spring and Summer) She loves her soil to be moist.

🔥: She is warm blooded. The bird of paradise is a jungle queen so the more you can mimic her native conditions, the healthier she will be. Her ideal temperature is between 60-80 F. The warmer the environment, the happier she will be.

💦: She is a heavy drinker, but also a heavy feeder. Her leaves are HUGE, so big that it takes a lot of energy and time to produce and sustain them. We feed her every two weeks with liquid fertilizer or liquid plant food.

💕: Clean her leaves!! Clean leaves will allow her to take up more sunlight and produce more energy for new growth. We clean her leaves with plain old water and a damp cloth.

✂️: Sometimes she has rips in her leaves. This is OKAY. The silts in the leaves are natural and allow for the shorter and smaller leaves at the base of the plant to access sunlight. This is a natural trait that the plant will just have in adulthood.

🪴: This huge gal arrived in the storefront last night & went to the most amazing home today. She was over 8 feet tall, in a 17 inch planter, and truly one of the biggest specimens we’ve had in the storefront thus far. We’ve been obsessed with finding the largest plants we can get our hands on!

What huge statement plants do you want to add this season? Let us help you find it 😉