Who needs a Birkin bag when we have Birkin Philodendrons???
Okay, lets be real, a Birkin bag would be nice…

BUT just like the boujee bag that we love to hate, this green girl is at the TOP of her class. She’s spoiled and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it. Her soil is top notch, her leave are shined daily, she grows on her own terms, and sometimes if you are lucky her leaves unfurl with intricate and luxury lines earned her “the best looking” superlative. Think you can handle this one of a kind beauty??! Here are some care plants to keep in mind (we are restocking the website this week with these gals so keep a look out if she is calling your name)

LIGHT: She loves bright indirect light like most tropicals in her family. If she happens to be in direct light, she throws a FIT. (Like most spoiled gals do when she doesn’t get what she wants) Her soil becomes too dry and she wilts. However, if she doesn’t enough light, she throws a tantrum. Her stem becomes leggy and her leaves will start to be more green rather than the showy stripes you see.

WATER: She likes her water moist and wants to soak in all the H2O. A boss babe needs to hydrate and she’s no exception. Just make sure she’s not overwatered since she HATES wet feet. You want to water when her soil is not completely dry, but a little moist.

TEMP: She LOVES a warm humid climates (I mean she’s from the tropics and wants to live like a girl on a vacay all the time) Give her a humid environment and I promise, she’s think that y’all are new found besties.

She’s a relatively easy tropical gal if you give her what she needs. Meet her basic requirements & y’all will be doing hot yoga, drinking lattes, and watching reality tv series in no time. Think you can handle a Birkin??! She will be up for adoption via the website later this week and we cannot wait to see if you two can become best friends forever.