EVERYONE, say hi to our new plant babe. This green gal needs no introduction, but for all of the new plant parents out there, she’s known as a monstera thai constellation. She gets her name because of the unique yellow or white splashes of color of her leaf pattern remind us of a galaxy. Her leaf length is HUGE, probably one of the biggest we’ve seen on a monstera ever. For reference, the largest leaf is about 36 inches or 3 feet. Why is she so special!? Aside from her insanely huge foliage, her leaf pattern is what makes her one of the most sought after rare plants this season. Finding a plant with variegation is super hard. Your chance of having a regular monstera produce a variegation is about 1:100,000. (Although it is possible, one of our monsteras have a baby variegated leaf so don’t get those hopes up just yet)

What are the causes of this variegation?? Random mutations (yay more science talk) random mutations in plants in the most common way to get this beautiful spotted pattern, however it is the most unstable. Unstable meaning that the pattern you see could revert to a regular solid looking leaf at any moment. Genetic mutation also can occur as well as viral infection. We don’t care how she came to have those beautiful yellow slotches, we just know that she’s the best plant we’ve ever personally owned.