Meet the most dramatic plant ever. Fittonia, or the nerve plant. Her name is Philly & she is the probably the cutest drama queen you’ve ever adopted or will adopt soon.

Why? Because she literally collapses and throws the BIGGEST temper tantrum when her watering routine takes a “little” longer than usual. But don’t worry, after you give her a long drink, she perks back up all happy & healthy. (Don’t we all wish that happens to us after we get some drinks in us)

On top of knowing exactly what she wants with her water schedule, she also possesses so many other amazing qualities.

She’s non-toxic to cats and dogs, so if your furry friend decides to take a nibble you can be worry free. AND that deep pink and green foliage makes the biggest statement for any collection with her dramatic personality to match .

Is this gal peaking your interest??? Here are some fun facts for you to seal the deal.

As you can see, she is THIRSTY. She will swipe right on every variety of water until one comes along and quenches that thirst. Rain water, distilled water, tap water, she doesn’t discriminate. She just needs a good drink…more than your usual plant babies. To love your nerve plant gal is to commit to watering her regularly. They hate their soil to be dry and would rather keep it in a slight moist state all the time. Even if she is the slightest bit thirsty, she will have a tantrum.

Light: Bright indirect light to keep that beautiful foliage growing.

Temperature & Humidity:
She loves 60-70 degree temperatures in warmer conditions. If temperatures get too low, her tantrum will be wild & the perky comeback on the right may not happen when she gets too cold. She loves humidity as well (almost as much as water)! If she lives by a humidifier, she will basically be your new best friend and will thank you with tons of new growth.

This drama queen may need more attention and care than your pothos or snake plant, but she teaches us that water is essential.