The Snake plant is the plant you can place and definitely forget about. Neglect her, underwater her, give her NO sunlight and she is going to love you all the same. She is an amazing plant for new plant moms, dads and beginners for all ages. She is basically indestructible in nature and makes a perfect accent to any area because of her wide range of requirements from low light to air drafts near vents in your home. If you want a gal that basically is on the no-kill list and a plant that you can brag about lasting FOREVER then she’s definitely needs to be your life long roommate!

Pot: Stoned Gray 

Size: Medium / Drainage hole 

Measurements:  6 inch pot diameter 

Requirements: Low light conditions and minimal watering since the roots of her leaves are thick and hold onto water for an extended amount of time. She’s very sensitive to over-watering so only water when her soil is completely dry. This plant is known for her air purifying capabilities.