• Erupting with curly green radial fireworks that are seemingly frozen in time, this almost indestructible, easy-care indoor plant adds a burst of color to any interior space. Don't be surprised if this beautiful, air-purifying houseplant quickly becomes your favorite! She's pet friendly and is classified as a succulent, however, can handle bright indirect light! She is drought tolerant and only needs a drink once every two to three weeks and LOVES humidity so make sure to give her a mist now and again! 

    Pot: Yellow Sunshine Planter 

    Drainage hole: Yes

    Size: Medium

    Measurements: 6 inch diameter pot

    Requirements: Full sun to bright indirect light, drought tolerant and likes to dry out between waterings,  needs average to high humidity levels

  • Get a plant that keeps on growing and growing! This tradescantia plant could be the perfect addition to your home and add a pop of deep color all in one stunning black ombre planter!

    Pot: Wide Black Ombre Planter

    Drainage holes within pot: Yes 

    Size: Medium

    Measurements: 7 inch inch diameter pot

    Requirements: Bright indirect light, moderately moist soil, water weekly, needs higher humidity levels 

  • The ric rac cactus or jungle cactus is in a lane of her own! She sports some crazy foilage and is happy to hang in the sunlight with you! She loves full sun (like most cacti) but also since she is a jungle variety also loves water! Give her a bright window sill and a good drink about once a week and she'll be your bestfriend!

    Pot: Blue Diamond Planter with stand

    Size: Medium

    Measurements: 6 inch diameter pot

    Requirements:Full to bright indirect light, moderately moist soil evenly moist (water once a week and a half), only needs average humidity, blooms in spring and summer

  • Combine all the best traits of indoor plants: easy-care, drought-resistant, and so dang pretty with deep green heart foliage with lime green stripes. This is a perfect indoor plant for beginners and is an easy loving plant that requires little maintenance. 

    Size: Medium 

    Measurements: 6 inch planter

    Requirements: Bright, indirect sunlight. NASA certified air purifier. Water once every two weeks or when the top two inches of soil is dry.


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