Green Jewel Dracaena in Tan Face Planter

Green Jewel Dracaena in Tan Face Planter

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Combine all the best traits of indoor plants: easy-care, drought-resistant, and so dang green.  Now add the circular leaf orientation, and you have Dracaena Compacta! Each gorgeous green leaf of this plant features tinted shades of pink of deep green. Dracaena are also known for their air-purifying abilities and will survive in most household environments. This is a perfect indoor plant for beginners!

Size: Medium

Measurements: 6 inch diameter pot

Requirements: Bright, indirect sunlight. NASA certified air purifier. Water once every two weeks or when the top two inches of soil is dry.

The Plants You Deserve


Every plant has been re-potted in unique, individual, and stunning planters that match your plant babes personality. 

Your plant does not have to be re-potted for at least a year.

Each planter is unique so your plant baby is one of a kind 


Fox Farm Coco Loco Potting Mix

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil 

Pure Worm Castings Soil Builder


Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food

Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Plant Food

Fox Farm Kelp Me Kelp You Seaweed Plant Food 

Fox Farm Wholly Mackerel Fish Fertilizer 


Miracle Gro Leaf Shine

Miracle Grow Indoor Plant Food 

Distilled Water without toxins or harmful chemicals

Neem Oil for pest repellent 

Continuous plant maintenance and pruning weekly

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Lets Go Green Together  - Welcome to Oglewood Avenue 

Here are some examples of how customers styled their indoor jungle in their home. Natural bright light or low light areas? Any space can be transformed into an indoor jungle with the ideal plants for you.

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The Plant to Pot Promise 

We promise to only supply and deliver the best healthy and happy house plants to our customers. All plant babies come newly potted with organic soil and rehomed in modern, boho, and unique potters so each plant is truly one of a kind.

Product image
Green Jewel Dracaena in Tan Face Planter
Green Jewel Dracaena in Tan Face Planter


Green Jewel Dracaena in Tan Face Planter