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Plant Interior Styling for Companies & Businesses 

Let us help you enhance and elevate your commercial space, office, lobby, or add some interior curb appeal to your business. Plants provide the perfect addition to any interior design aesthetic. We are here to help make sure that your plants not only look the best, but are in spaces where they continue to grow and thrive. We handle the plant suggestions, the pot design, the location placement, and provide education on how to care for your plants. From basic projects to full scale design installations, we are your go to interior plant designers. 

Plant Interior Styling for Homes

Have you always wanted to live in an urban jungle but have no idea where to start? Let us help you with creating the ideal plant + pot interior designs for your space. We come in, access the lighting conditions in your home, find plants and pots that match your home aesthetic, plant  parent level, lifestyle, and maintenance level. We educate you on how to care for your new plants and set you up for plant success in your future.

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Plant Consultations 

So you are already a plant parent but some of your green babies aren't thriving the way they should be? Are you concerned about yellowing leaves, foliage falling, pest, re-potting, propagation  or your plants ideal conditions? We have 30 minute and hour plant consultations where we teach you the best plant practices we know. 

Plant Rentals

Looking for a fun way to add something different and one of a kind to a event, special occasion, or photography shoot? We offer plant rentals that are specifically curated to match your needs? From larger than life statement plants to adding personal details, our green thumbs and plants are here to add something truly unique to your event.

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